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Keemun Tea First Grade

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Our Keemun Black tea is FIRST GRADE AND ORGANIC and is harvest from the Anhui Province of China. It is one of China's most famous teas. Our 1st Grade tea has a toasty rich unsweetened cocoa flavor with smoky aromas. A fine black tea prized for its rich, toasty flavor, mineral flinty notes and smoky, sometimes incense aroma.

Keemun Black Tea leaves are picked in the Spring and the Summer of each year, only the top bud and top two or three leaves are used. The leaves are then hand separated and selected and only the best are used for Keemun tea.

Use 2 teaspoons per 16 to 24 oz pot.
Use Boiling (212F) water.
Steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

Caffeine: 40mg / 8oz cup