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The Japanese Green Tea Sampler

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Our Green Tea Sampler contains 6 of the best Organic Japanese Green Tea flavors around.  This set includes One 1/2 oz (14 gram) packet of each of the following teas:

 Organic Uji Sencha Premium -Uji Sencha Premium is an Organic tea produced from first flush leaves, It has a pleasant aroma and a slightly astringent taste.

Organic Kukicha Hatsukuro Supreme - Also known as Bocha Tea, it a blend of stalks and stems to giving it a nutty slightly sweet flavor.
Organic Genmaicha - A Japanese Green Tea that is blended with roasted popped brown rice and has a nutty flavor
Organic Matcha Premium - A high grade Japanese Green Tea that is ground into a fine powder. It is whisked instead of steeped into hot water. and has a stronger flavor.
Organic Gyokuro Jade Dew - One of the rarest of the Japanese Green Teas. It can have a slight sweet flavor.
Organic Hojicha - This tea is fired at a high temperature, which can the leaves from green to reddish brown. It can have a sweet and toasty flavor.

A great way to experience these teas for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

Each Sample pouch will brew up to a 6-cup pot of tea.