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Santosa Black Tea (BOPS)

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This prized tea, Santosa is an Indonesian Black Java.  Our Santosa is graded BOPS (Broken Orange Pekoe). While most people associate tea with China or India, as a former Dutch colony, tea has been grown in Indonesia for over 200 years.  The bulk of it grown on Java and Sumatra. This particular tea is from the famous Santosa estate on the island of Java.

This tea is only harvested in the month of August at Java’s peak growing season. It has a light and malty taste, with subtle hint of floral that is typical of all good Indonesian teas.

The natives usually brew it double strength with double sugar or you may like to try it English style with milk and sugar.

Use 2 teaspoons per 16 to 24 oz pot.
Use Boiling (212°F) water. 
Steep for 5 to 7 minutes. 

Caffeine: about 40 mg per 8oz cup