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Imperial Silver Needles Tea

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One of the Finest White Teas Available and from the THE 2019 CROP (VERY RARE), Imperial Silver Needle is among the most revered of Chinese teas, produced in the Fuding and Zhenhe districts of its Fujian province. This white tea is known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen in Chinese, which can translate to White Hair Silver Needle

Gathered as a first flush for a few days in early spring, this young tea is one of the most sought after and expensive white teas around. The buds of this tea are needle-shaped and covered with fine hairs similar to white down. The lingering fragrance is delicately honeysuckle floral with mild texture and a slight sweetness.

Use 1 Tablespoon per 16 to 24oz pot.
Use Very Hot (195 - 205) water.
Steep for 3 to 5 Minutes.

Caffeine: 10 mg / 8 oz cup.