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Earl Grey Lavender Tea

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Our Classic Earl Grey Tea is a classic blend of fine Indian & Ceylon Black Teas scented with Bergamot Oil. To this, we have added the aromatic scent of fragrant French Super Blue Lavender Blossoms. This gives your tea a floral fragrance with a slightly fruity floral taste. The black tea leaves are withered, rolled oxidized and dried. Earl Grey Tea is one of the more well known teas around.

It is said that in 1830, while on a diplomatic mission an English Prime Minister name Charles Earl Grey was gifted with this distinctive tea blend.

A soothing calming blend. This well known tea can be served hot or cold and is also used frequently in cooking. Enjoy it anytime of year.

Use 2 teaspoons per 16 to 24 oz pot.
Use Boiling (212 F.) water.
Steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

Caffeine: 40 mg / 8 oz cup