About Us

Green and Watts

Green and Watts Gourmet beverages started as an idea from a couple of very enthusiastic tea drinkers in early 2017.  We started going to local tea shops and it opened a whole new world to us. We wanted to learn all about tea in its different varieties and blends. Our goal is to experience the finest and best blends & flavors of teas and gourmet beverages from around the world. We want to understand the why some blends and types are more expensive than others or how some teas are graded. 



Our mission is to pass that information along to you in the form of the finest teas and beverages.



From graded black teas to organic green teas, you get to try them all at discount prices.  Zesty & Refreshing to Smooth & Relaxing and anything in between. We continually strive to bring you the best combinations of tea and beverages around. Many of our Teas are Certified Organic, some are Fair-Trade Certified, and all are Premium, High-Quality Teas

As we grow and expand, we will add other fine beverages for you to experience.  So don't be afraid to drop us a line if there is an unique beverage out there that you think that we should add. If enough people want it, we will definitely that to get it for you. We want this to be a journey that we can all take together. Thank you for trusting Green and Watts.