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Tung Ting Tea

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Our PREMIUM GRADE Tung Ting or Dong Ding Oolong Tea can translate to "Icy Peak" A descendent of oolong varieties taken from Jian'ou in China's Fujian Province, Tung Ting was brought to the mountians of Central Taiwan in the mid-1800s. Our Tung Ting was gathered at a little over 700 meters above sea level, in an area outside Lugu, Nantou County.

We aquire only spring harvested leaves.These teas are lightly oxidized and loosely rolled to give you hints of fresh floral orchid and gardenia.This tea is grown at high elevations in Taiwan and is still considered one of the first Taiwanese teas. Tung Ting is a good tea for beginners to start brewing. Brewed lightly, the tea will be light, sweet and fragrant, whereas a stronger brew will yield a thicker tea. 

Use 1 Teaspoon per 16 to 24 oz pot.
Use Very Hot (195 - 205 F.) water.
Steep for 1 to 2 minutes.

Caffeine: about 30 mg per 8 oz cup