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Long Stem Ti Kuan Yin Tea

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Classic Ti Kuan Yin is so named because of its appearance and the way it was originally picked. It is said that Buddhist Monks living in the mountainous area of Anxi in the Fujian Province of China, trained monkeys to pick the tea leaves they could not reach. Since the monkeys couldn't pick single leaves or the 2 Leaf and a Bud branch tips like people do, they only picked long stems with the tea leaves attached. Thus, the tea became known as "Long-Stem Monkey-Picked Ti Kuan Yin."

It is known for its long stems and darker green leaves. The stem opens to a large full size tea leaves that have a clean slightly floral bouquet. Because of its size, you can use less stems when brewing a 24 oz pot. Can be steeped several times and usually does not have a bitter taste.

Use 4 to 6 Stems per 16 to 24 oz Pot.
Use 195 F water.
Steep for 7 to 10 minutes.
Pour into Teacups and enjoy.

Caffeine: 30 mg / 8 oz cup